Re-designed Kanji alive website

As you’ve noticed we’ve completely re-designed the Kanji alive website. The original Kanji alive website was launched in 2002 and had never been significantly revised. Our new site is designed to be simple to use and easily accessible from mobile devices. We hope you like it!The site is optimized for the current versions of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome or Apple’s Safari browser. If you are still using a much older version of Internet Explorer such as IE7 or IE8 you will see a simplified (mobile/smartphone style) vertical menu at the top of each page. In this case, please consider upgrading or switching to a newer desktop web browser! Your internet experience will become faster, safer and far more pleasant.

A few quick notes for past users of the site. The link to the Kanji alive web application (previously located on the “Launch Kanji alive” pages) has now moved to the Overview page. The User Guide and Introduction to Kanji pages can now be found under the “Support” menu. Here you’ll also find the English and Japanese versions of our “Notes to Instructors”.

Finally, we’d especially like to draw your attention to the Feedback page. This is where you’ll find our new email address ( and a contact form which you can use to easily post your comments to us on the site. Or just follow us on Twitter!

However you prefer to contact us – we’d love to hear from you.

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