Kanji alive v2 is ready for testing

We’ve just made a new test version of Kanji alive v2 available for testing under https://beta.kanjialive.com (many thanks to Tanya Gray Jones @ Oxford and Peter Thorson @ Chicago for improving the user interface and addressing bugs).

A current version of Chrome, FireFox, Safari or Internet Explorer is required to use the app.

Please take a look and let us know what you think! For an overview of the main new features in v2, please see this previous post.

Significant problems with the beta version:

  1. Searches with many results flow off the bottom of the search results (e.g. rpos:hen Note: rpos means ‘radical position’, a new search term in this version). Fixed
  2. In the search results, it’s possible to continue scrolling horizontally past the last results. Fixed
  3. Combined searches (e.g. text:gen grade:3 or ‘all Grade 3 kanji in Genki’) sometimes ignore one of the two terms, and also place an ampersand between the terms after showing the results. Fixed.
  4. In Windows 10/Chrome v52, using the up arrow in the detail view shifts the whole app upwards. Fixed / not present in Chrome v53. If you see this, please leave a note in the comments. Thanks to the Otaku Team for reporting this error.
  5. In Safari, kanji animations often appear squeezed at first, then stretch to full width. Fixed in Safari v10.
  6. Audio does not play in Internet Explorer Edge. Fixed
  7. Down arrow(s) after initial search results does not show kanji stroke or radical stroke collations.

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